[BUNDLE] COMPLETE ANSWERS PACK – 4 DoubleClick Assessments (Academy for Ads)

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DoubleClick Search Individual Certification
The DoubleClick Search Certification covers setting up Search campaigns across multiple search engines; assigning goals, targeting, and bid strategies; troubleshooting issues; measuring the impact, and optimizing campaigns for improved performance.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager Individual Certification
The DoubleClick Campaign Manager Certification covers planning, implementing, reporting, and troubleshooting reservation buys, while working across partners. It also assesses ad tag delivery, measurement, and troubleshooting methods used to optimize performance.

DoubleClick Bid Manager Individual Certification
The DoubleClick Bid Manager Certification assessment covers programmatic and direct deal campaign setup, such as assigning inventory, goals, budgets, targeting, and creatives. It also assesses ways to troubleshoot issues and measure performance.

DoubleClick Creative Individual Certification
The DoubleClick Creative Certification covers rich media creative setup using Google Web Design and Creative to build HTML5 and dynamic creatives. It also assesses the steps to preview, QA, and publish creatives to Campaign Manager, and then measure results.

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1.) DoubleClick Search Individual Certification
2.) DoubleClick Campaign Manager Individual Certification
3.) DoubleClick Bid Manager Individual Certification
4.) DoubleClick Creative Individual Certification

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