[BUNDLE] COMPLETE Assessment Answers to 30 Academy for Ads Achievements

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Academy for Ads Overview

Academy for Ads offers quick education to anyone looking to learn more about Google's ad products. From small business owners to newbies; from students learning about marketing, all the way to advertising veterans who want to brush up on their Google advertising knowledge.

Academy for Ads covers the full range of Google Ads, ranging from AdWords Search, Display, and Shopping, to DoubleClick products such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Bid Manager, and Ad Exchange. What's more, Academy for Ads offers training on digital advertising concepts. Learn what you need to know about Google's advertising solutions to be more successful online.

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Included Exams

1.) DoubleClick Search Basics
2.) AdWords Display Basics
3.) AdWords Basics
4.) Video for Brand Basics
5.) DoubleClick Ad Exchange Basics
6.) Google Web Designer Basics
7.) AdWords Video Basics
8.) DoubleClick Dynamic Creative Basics
9.) Get Certified in Display
10.) AdWords Search Basics
11.) AdWords Mobile Basics
12.) Google Shopping Basics
13.) Measure Mobile Effectively
14.) Make Engaging Mobile Messages
15.) How to Find Mobile Customers
16.) Choose the Right Mobile Asset
17.) Display Remarketing
18.) Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
19.) Fundamentals for Audiences
20.) Customer Match
21.) Dynamic Search Ads
22.) Get Certified in Mobile Sites
23.) Dig Deeper with Google Shopping
24.) Manage Campaigns in DoubleClick Search
25.) Dig into Ad Formats on Ad Exchange
26.) Dig into Programmatic and Ad Exchange
27.) Get Certified in Shopping
28.) Programmable Marketing Basics
29.) DoubleClick Search Mobile Basics
30.) Prepare for a Programmatic World

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